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Side-Out is conducting a first of its kind clinical trial, sponsored by the sport of volleyball, that is changing the way breast cancer is treated.

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How Our Research is Unique

Our clinical trial examines the effects of individualized treatment on patients with metastatic breast cancer (stage IV). Individualized treatment, known as targeted therapy, provides doctors a better way to treat stage IV breast cancer, based not on the type of cancer, but on its molecular architecture. This gets us better therapy prediction and better results and closer to removing the word ‘terminal’ from our cancer vernacular.

Award-Winning Research

In 2015, Side-Out was honored to be awarded the PhRMA Community Champion Research & Hope Award.

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Our Progress

From 2010 the Foundation has dedicated all of its grants to breast cancer education and cutting edge breast cancer research and treatment to extend the lives of those living with stage lV —This journey has produced a series of Side-Out sponsored clinical trials, funded and managed by the leading breast oncologists and molecular biologists in the field, as we discover the most effective solutions extending the lives of those who fight the disease by enhanced “Standard of Care”.

Dedication and focus has also produced and enabled the establishment of the “Side-Out Foundation Bio-Medical Informatics Database” on Metastatic Breast Cancer, located George Mason University, College of Science, for all to benefit from.

Having proven that multiomic molecular profiling, which includes both genomic, proteomic, and phosphoproteomic analysis, is beneficial in selecting a treatment regimen for late stage breast cancer. Side-Out also supported the proteomic and phosphoprotomic of the ISPY-2 trial, another ground breaking neo-adjuvant clinical trial targeting patients with stage II/II disease.

The major benefit was development a body of proteomics data for early and late stage disease which also provided a significant contribution to the accelerated approval of new effective drugs and actionable information for other forms of cancer.

I-SPY 2 Results
phase 1 results
phase 2 results
phase 3 recruiting

The major benefit of these Side Out Foundation efforts was many fold:

  1. The first ever development a body of multi-omics molecular database of metastatic breast cancer. This unique database contains genomic, proteomic, and phosphoproteomic data along with clinical-epidemiological data, treatment type and outcomes. This database is being made publicly available as a inaugural effort to spur more research and discovery by the entire scientific community and will be expanded by each new Side Out Foundation sponsored trial.
  2. Real published and presented clinical evidence that revealed that patients with metastatic breast cancer that went through the multi-omic profiling and treatment selection of the Side Out Trials achieved significant improvement in survival. Based on these results, the Side Out Foundation is expanding its clinical trial efforts to rigorously evaluate these findings in larger populations of women including those with bone metastasis
  3. Identification of new classes of protein and phosphoprotein markers that predict therapy response to a number of experimental targeted inhibitors in the I-SPY 2 TRIAL for women with Stage II/III breast cancer.

Trial Locations

The trial protocol has brought together the diverse skills and unique experience of community oncologists, nurses and researchers in the field of molecular medicine. Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) Drug Development Services (TD2) will manage the trial for The Side-Out Foundation.

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